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Post by Mammas_Meatloaf on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:09 pm

The year is 3646 BBY, and whether migrant, local, or refugee; you are now a resident of the planet Herdessa. Dire times are upon you, for the Corellian Run hasn't seen the proper mercantile routes it once had due to the perpetual state of an intergalactic Cold-War. Herdessa and its people have seen a sharp decline, once grandiose cities and manor's now turned to the fruits of industrialization and labor in hopes of mitigating this financial crisis. Whilst such a thing would ordinarily be of no consequence to the Imperial's residing in the governship, the Sith Empire has seen a vast quantity of its resources diverted to skirmishes and martial operations; leaving Herdessa in the hands of a undermanned force and planetary governor. Exploiting this, the criminal syndicate known as 'The Exchange' has taken to the streets, diverting it's attention to the weakened state of security and has staged a substantial operation off the Imperial sector of the Corellian Run.

In recent months, Herdessa has seen a vast quantity of it's growing slum-districts turn into a potentially dangerous scenario. It has been confirmed by officials that a growing viral outbreak of the Rakghoul Plague has taken hold of the lower ward's and sanitation systems below-ground. Whilst the Empire did deploy a series of relief packages to the hazard zones, the Exchange has seized the medicinal products and begun selling them at an steep price. This has served to only aggravate the situation further, initiating a street-war between the thinly manned imperial forces and syndicate cells.

However, the city of Drahven has recently opened itself to all those that arrived, providing a variety of new economic implementations and city centers in hopes of bringing wealth and resurgence to its tarnished reputation of splendor and exuberance. While the situation may be dire, this industrial opening has allocated a well needed port and trade city to the declining Herdessians and yourself. Seeing a increase in population for individuals of all sorts, the Corellian Run has shored you upon a potentially significant new start.

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